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Toshi Kubota Official Mix Tape
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KREVA - Update



KREVA's new single "Tranquilizer" video is up on YouTube!

Check it out!!



"THE BEST is not only ONE" KREVA's New Musical/Play 

Back by the popular demand, KREVA’s trailblazing musical/play will start on Jan 28th at Hibiya Theater Creation in Tokyo!

The first show in 2011 shock waved not only KREVA fans, but also the entire musical/paly circuit, and it became a legend!

From the music industry, musical/play industry, and also the voice acting industry, so many talented casts are put together and performing the 3x paralleled stories in different time settings: Japan’s Samurai Era, a wake of 20th Century, and NOW.

What connects those time zones and how to conclude the stories? KREVA and his long-time colleague, Mummy-D from Japanese Rap Pioneer, “RHYMSTER” interact with the players and attempt to re-define the art form.




New Single, "Tranquilizer"!

KREVA's new single "Tranquilizer" will be out on Feb 5, 2014 in Japan!


JPOP/EDM Mixtape by dj37

J-POP/EDM Mixtape by dj37 featurs KREVA's "Choriba" as well as hot new international EDM tracks and Japanese dance classics including Perfume's "Polyrhythm". Check it out!


KREVA Live Album "Space Tour"

KREVA's first live album, "Space Tour" will be out on Dec 4, 2013! It was recorded live at one of the final stops for KREVA CONCERT 2013[SPACE TOUR] in Tokyo and include 33 songs accompaied by the half/live band (mix of live musician and MPC/DJ) in the double CD set. Check the trailer here!