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Daisuke Mori - Update


The 9th Mori’s Music Recital

The holiday solo concert, “The 9th Mori’s Music Recital” will be held in Tokyo, Fukuoka and Osaka this year.

【The 9th Mori’s Music Recital】


Dec. 2nd (Fri) @Shibuya duo MUSIC EXCHANGE

(OPEN 18:30 / START 19:00)


Dec. 4th(Sun)@ROOMS

(OPEN 16:30 / START 17:00)


Dec. 10th (Sat) @MIO Hall(Tenohji Mio Main Bldg 12F)

 (OPEN 18:30 / START 19:00)

Dec. 10th (Sat) @MIO Hall(Tenohji Mio Main Bldg 12F)

 (OPEN 12:30/ START 13:00)

Pre-sale Tickets will be available for the Fan Club Members from Sept 30 (Fri) to Oct 6th (Thu) 23:59!

Fan Club info


Denka presents J-WAVE~AUTUMN

One night special event with Toshinobu Kubota and Daisuke Mori is scheduled for November 17th at Bunkamura Orchard Hall

■Live Title・・・・Denka presents J-WAVE LIVE〜AUTUMN

■Date・・・Nov 17th (Thu)  18:15 door/ 19:00 show

■venue・・・Bunkamura Orchard Hall

■tickets・・・all assigned seats¥8,500(including tax)※no pre-school children

■tickets on sale・・・Oct 15th(Sat)

■more information・・・Kyodo Tokyo 0570-550-799

(hours: 11am – 6pm weekdays, 10am – 6pm weekends)

For more information:


New Album "Music Diner" in Store now and 7th Mori's Recital Dates

The New Album, Music Diner was released last week and also available at FJ Shop  . Come join Daisuke's 7th Music Recital in 3 major cities (Tokyo, Osaka, Fukuoka) in May and enjoy the quality time featuring brand new songs from his latest album.

Fukuoka - May 14th (Sat) @Rooms  6pm show

Tokyo - May 21th (Sat) @shibuya WWW 5:30pm show

Osaka - May 28th (Sun) @Namba Hatch 5pm show

for more info, visit here


New Album "Music Diner" will be released on 3/23/2016!


Daisuke will release his fourth original album with 11x J-Pop master pieces on March 23, 2016 titled "Music Diner".

Since 2014, "Morino Ongaku Kai (Mori's Music Recital)" has become a repeated engagement and featured a brand new song each time including "Full Moon", "Gomenne to Itte" and "monologue" that showcases the depth of Daisuke's musicality. And this upcoming CD will not only incorporate those songs, but also the theme song of "Night Aquarium", the radio talk show he hosts on FM COCOLO as well as self cover of hit songs he contributed to other artists, and a brand new song!

There is also a Valentine Special Live event scheduled in Osaka with Kenichi Takemoto, the critically acclaimed singer song writer. Click here for more info.


Daisuke x Psalm Live and New Release!

Daisuke will be perfming live with Psalm at Daikanyama Loop on August 2nd (sun).

【1st】OPEN 13:00 START 13:30

2ndOPEN 18:00 START 18:30


pre-show ¥3600

at the door ¥4100

Also Daisuke's new single titled "Hadashi no  Cinderella" is out at various online stores:

▼Oricon Style/Oricon Music Store