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The New Album, "L.O.K" drops on March 18th!

Toshi will be releasing his 19th (16th Japanese) original full length new album, “L.O.K” on March 18th from Sony Music Japan.

Dig this:

The pop legend is showing us his seasoned jam, matured energy with loving heart

It is Toshinobu Kubota’s original full length new album, “L.O.K” fully prepared in last three and half years.

A full year of just planning, R&B missionary tosses in today’s music, spells with his signatured approach and convincing vocal skills.  Knowing the style and the sweetness, sexism and playfulness, he’s become more colorful than ever with eternal energey.

The album title, “L.O.K” stands for “Lots of Kisses” and it reflects “Thankfulness” and “Appreciations”. The title calls our appreciation for our being: being in love, being broken hearted, striving but not necessary making it, our actual life, and for those who gives us such feelings.

Each song on the album has its own story, but all together, it represents “L.O.K” Instead of saying “Thank you”, Toshi uses the phrase “Lots Of Kisses” in his own way.

The national tour “L.O.K” starts on April 23rd and includes 41 shows.



Toshinobu Kubota 2015 National Tour!

Kubota's 2015 National Tour has been announced and including the following 41 dates!

Exclusive pre-order for the official fanclub member (BARI-BARI CREW) will stat on Nov. 25th 2014.

Click here for the official fanclub information.


4/24 (fri)              Harmony Hall Zama/Okinawa

4/26 (sat)             Act City Hamamatsu (Large Hall)/Shizuoka

4/28 (tue)            Iichiko Gran Theater/Ohita

4/29 (wed)           Nagasaki Brick Hall/Nagasaki

5/1 (fri)                Fukuoka Sun Palace/Fukuoka

5/2 (sat)               Fukuoka Sun Palace/Fukuoka

5/5 (tue)               Kagoshima Shimin Bunka Hall/Kagoshima

5/6 (wed)             Miyazaki Shimin Bunka Hall/Miyazaki

5/9 (sat)               Okinawa Convention Center/Okinawa

5/10 (sun)           Okinawa Convention Center/Okinawa

5/14 (thu)            Sapporo Nitori Bunka Hall/Sapporo

5/15 (fri)             Sapporo Nitori Bunka Hall/Sapporo

5/17 (sun)           Kushiro Bunka Kaikan (Large Hall)/Kushiro

5/20 (wed)           Nagoya Kokusai Kaigijo Century Hall

5/21 (thu)            Nagoya Kokusai Kaigijo Century Hall

5/23 (sat)            NHK Hall/Tokyo

5/24 (sun)           NHK Hall/Tokyo

5/27 (wed)           Kobe Kokusai Kaikan Kokusai Hall/Kobe

5/28 (thu)            Biwako Hall/Shiga

5/30 (sat)             Shizuoka Shimin Bunka Kaikan (Large Hall)/Shizuoka

5/31 (sun)            Shizuoka Shimin Bunka Kaikan (Large Hall)/Shizuoka

6/3 (wed)             Ohmiya Sonic City (Large Hall)/Saitama

6/6 (sat)               Kanagawa Kenmin Hall (Large Hall)/Kanagawa

6/10 (wed)           Shimane Kenmin Kaikan (Large Hall)/Shimane

6/12 (fri)              Shunan Bunka Kaikan/Yamaguchi

6/13 (sat)             Hiroshima Bunka Gakuen HBG Hall/Hiroshima

6/17 (wed)           Festival Hall/Osaka

6/18 (thu)            Festival Hall/Osaka

6/21 (sun)           Matsumoto Shimin Geijutsukan Main Hall/Nagano

6/26 (fri)              Niigata Kenmin Kaikan/Niigata

6/27 (sat)             Honta no Mori Hall/Ishikawa

7/3 (fri)                Morioka Shimin Bunka Hall (Large Hall)/Iwate

7/4 (sat)               Link Station Hall/Aomori

7/9 (thu)              Koriyama SHimin Bunka Center (Large Hall)/Fukushima

7/11 (sat)             Sendai Sun Plaza Hall/Miyagi

7/12 (sun)           Sendai Sun Plaza Hall/Miyagi

7/19 (sun)           Nagaragawa Kokusai Kaigijo Main Hall/Gifu

7/20 (mon)           Mieken Bunka Kaikan/Mie

7/25 (sat)             Matsuyama Shimin Kaikan (Large Hall)/Ehime

7/26 (sun)           Alpha Anabuki Hall (Large Hall)/Kagawa

7/28 (tue)            Okayama Shimin Kaikan/Okayama






Toshi guesting bayfm「Marive Urban Jam Station 2014」

Toshi will be guesting the special program on Bay FM on Sept 23.

The one day come back of legendary program, "Marive Urban Jam Station" hosted by KC Matsuo originally aired between 1992 and 1996. It was a ground breaking/genre vending radio show to introduce Balck Music on weekday afternoon for 7 hours straight. THe long time friend of Kubota, KC Matsuo is also known as the true B-Melo searcher, the musical definition invented by KC for Beautify Melodies. JUJU is also joining the program with Toshi. 


908 Festival

Toshi made guest appearance on 908 Festival, an annual music festival hosted and produced by KREVA.

Here's the concert review on "What's In?":


Guesting 908 Fes!

Toshi will make a guest appearance along with Masayuki Suzuki, Daichi Miura, Rhymester, Kick The Can Crew and AKLO at 908 Festival on Sept 8, 2014! It's the Japanese RAPSTAR, KREVA's amnnual event to celebrate music with his peers, but this year, it features the pioneers of Japaneseartists who brought black music Japanese pop music field. Whether if you are a fan of R&B, Hip Hop, or just Japanese Pop music, you will enjoy the show and their performance!


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