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Toshi Kubota - update


Adding ARENA!!

"Party Ain't A Party", the tour finale will be a series of ARENA SHOWS in 2012. You don't wanna miss when Toshi is ready to PAAR TAAYYYY!! (Sendai is also rescheduled for January 9th)   


Jan 7 (Sat) Nihon Gaijin Hall (Aichi)

Jan 9 (Mon - Holiday) Sendai Sun Plaza Hall 

Jan 14 (Sat) Osaka Jo Hall

Jan 15 (sun) Osaka Jo Hall

Jan 21 (Sat) Yoyogi Olympic Pool (Tokyo)

Jan 22 (Sun) Yoyogi Olympic Pool (Tokyo)



Toshi's 25th aniversary brand new album is finally out in Japan!

Spotlighting various pieces of his life: passion, romance, ocean, NY, hero, mother,..  , which shaped his personality, and each song unfolds a story telling, yet non-fictious vibes of Toshi himself.

Album title represents Toshi's music life within R&B/Soul universe, the uncompromised Kubota style.

The album features "Koeni-Dekinai" the upcoming movie, "Yoakeno Machide" based on the noble by Keigo Higashino, as well as his first male duet, "Golden Smile" with Atsushi of EXILE, "Umie Kinasai" originally written and performed by Yosui Inoue, and also today's cutting edge trackmakers including KREVA, ALI-KICK, and MANABOON.

Check out the sneak preview at Toshi's Japanese FB page.


25th Anniversary Album, "Gold Skool" will be released on 8/3

Only 18 months since his last studio album, "Timeless Fly", Toshi will release his 25th anniversary album, "Gold Skool" on August 3rd in Japan. It reflects his life size and down to earth personality and features collaborations including EXILE's Atushi. You will enjoy his pop-tunes to signature love ballad, and experience one and only Kubota world! Stay tuned for more details!!


Tour Update

Due to the maintenace and surrounding issues, Sendai show on 12/4 has been replaced to other date & venue to be announced shortly. In the meanwhile, Kagoshima has been added for 12/15


25th Anniversary Song "Nagareboshi To Koino-ame" will be released on 7/13

Toshi celebrates his 25th Anniversary on June 21st and releases a single to thank his fans who supported him over the years. The title suggests his bebut single, "Ryusei No Saddle" from 1986 and his last single, "Love Rain" from 2010.It includes various key words and song titles over the 25 years, and will spice up his national tour which kicks off on October 7th!