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Toshi Kubota - update


25th Anniversary Song "Nagareboshi To Koino-ame" will be released on 7/13

Toshi celebrates his 25th Anniversary on June 21st and releases a single to thank his fans who supported him over the years. The title suggests his bebut single, "Ryusei No Saddle" from 1986 and his last single, "Love Rain" from 2010.It includes various key words and song titles over the 25 years, and will spice up his national tour which kicks off on October 7th!


To The Victims of Eastern Japan Earthquake

Although if I could sympathize your feeling with all of my body & soul, I cannot even come close to your pain and sorrow. But, what I can do is to keep bringing you the warmth known as music. I wish from the bottom of my heart you will be free from the hardship any day soon". by Toshi Kubota




Toshi Kubota Japan Concert Tour 2011 - 1st Announcement

Oct 7(fri) Misato-shi Bunka Kaikan/Saitama
9(sun) Beisia Bunka Hall/Gunma
12(wed) Shizuoka Shiminbunka Kakan Hall/Shizuoka
13(thu) Matsumoto Shimin Geijutsukan/Nagano
15(sat) Niigata Kenmin Kaikan/Niigata
19(wed) Act City Hamamatsu Dai Hall/Shizuoka
22(sat) Century Hall/Aichi
23(sun) Mieken Bunka Kaikan Dai Hall/Mie
29(sat) Kouchi Ken Bunka Hall/Kouchi
30(sun) Naruto Shi Bunka Kaikan/Tokushima
Nov 2(wed) Sojo Daigaku Shimin Hall(Kumamoto Shimin Kaiman)/Kumamoto
3(thu) iichiko gran theatre/Ohita
6(sun) Kanagawa Kenmin Hall Dai Hall/Kanagawa
11(fri) Koube Kokusai Kaikan Kokusai Hall/Hyogo
13(sun) Kyoto Kaikan Daiichi Hall/Kyoto
17(thu) NHK Hall /Tokyo
18(fri) NHK Hall /Tokyo
25(fri) Saitama Shi Bunka Center/Saitama

Dec 3(sat)   Morikoka Shimin Bunka Hall/Iwate

4(sun)   Tokyo Electron Hall/Miyagi ※postponed - -
10(sat)  Nitori Bunka Hall/Hokkaido

15(thu)  Kagoshima Shimin Bunka Hall/Kagoshima ※Added

17(sat)  Hiroshima ALSO Hall/Hiroshima

18(sun)  Okayama Shimin Kaikan/Okayama

22(thu)  Suntory Hall Takamatsu /Kagawa

24(sat)  Fukuoka Shimin Kaikan/Fukuoka

25(sun)  Fukuoka Shimin Kaikan/Fukuoka



media info

TV (in Japan)
・1/29 (sat) MUSIC ON! TV「BEAT CONNECTION 2010 @Yokohama Arena11.20」(19:00~22:00)
・1/30 (sun) MUSIC ON! TV「BEAT CONNECTION 2010 @Yokohama Arena 11.21」(19:00~22:00)

* Toshi appears on 11.20 show only..

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